US Soccer Scholarship Application

The Development Academy is pleased to announce that scholarship applications are now open. Thanks to the generosity of the U.S. Soccer Federation, the Development Academy is able to provide financial assistance to Full-Time players in the U-13 through U-17/18 age groups. We encourage all Full-Time Academy players that meet this criteria to apply. The scholarships are designed to offset travel costs for players demonstrating financial need, including transportation to/from practice, travel to Academy Showcases, hotel accommodations, etc. The Development Academy also expects all clubs to work with their players to identify financial need within the club and provide financial assistance to ensure these players are given the opportunity to participate within the Academy program.


The application can be accessed here:


The information requested is for internal review and will be kept confidential. Applications will be accepted until Friday, September 11, 2016. All applications must be fully completed and submitted electronically by 11:59pm ET and include valid copies of 2015 (or 2014 if applicable) tax returns in order to be considered for a scholarship. Partial applications will not be considered. The Development Academy staff will then review applications and have final decisions made by Friday, September 16, 2016 and communicated accordingly. This information will also be updated in the Scholarship section of