STEP 1: NOMADS MEDICAL WAIVER FORM  Download this form by clicking on this link. Parent/Guardian Emergency Contact Information. Name, home address, contact number, and email address o This should not be the club’s address or phone number.  Players can express interest on this form if they would like to attend our Full-Time academic program and/or the Residency.


STEP 2:  ZERO TOLLERANCE POLICY Download this form at this link

Parents and player to sign this policy.


STEP 3: PROOF OF AGE   Proof of Age Document is a Birth certificate.  

If you were not born in the United States there is additional paperwork needed, see FIFA International Transfer paperwork below. Talk to your coach about this.



A copy of the front and back of the medical insurance card   NOTE ON YOUR MEDICAL WAIVER FORM (see above) IF THE PLAYER DOES NOT HAVE MEDICAL INSURANCE.


STEP 5: US SOCCER WAIVER FORM    Download the form at this link

Must be signed and dated by both the player and their legal guardian/parent - If the player is 18 years or older, they may sign the waiver on their own behalf.  



Make sure the photo is clear, cropped headshot of the player -  Must be in club issued apparel or jersey - No baseball hats, sunglasses, or distracting backgrounds - official photo of the player for the ID card  



All players must have a valid concussion baseline test as part of determinine eligibility for the upcoming season. Nomads staff will administer this test.   LINK TO TEST SITE


STEP 8:   download this app to your mobile device or ipad.  You will be given access once your registration paperwork has been received.


STEP 9: The Nomads uniform store is located at this link. Please discuss with your coach what you will need.

Registration Process:

  1. Completed paperwork must be given to the Coach of the team for proofing for accuracy.  
  2. Once the paperwork has been completed the Coach will present to the Technical Committee for approval.
  3. Technical Committee gives instruction to the Administrator to go ahead and register the player.
  4. The Administrator reviews the paperwork for additionald documentation should the player need an International Transfer and enters the players in to the US Soccer database.  
  5. US Soccer has a deadline of Wednesday morning to get in the paperwork for the upcoming weekend.
  6. Once the player is approved, the coach will assign a jersey number and discuss uniforms and training gear.

Contacts:  Director of Coaching, Derek Armstrong 858-349-0869

Administrator: Mary Kaliff, 858-692-8720

Coaching Staff contact information is at this link




FIFA International Transfer Clearance forms must be completed if the player was not born in the USA. Proof of Entry Prior to 10 – Players who have entered the U.S. prior to the age of 10 (regardless of their current age) and have been continuously living in the country since moving, can supply a copy of an official document to prove that fact (e.g. report cards, doctor records

First Registration U.S. Citizens – U.S. citizens born outside the U.S. (regardless of current age) may simply complete and sign the First Registration form attesting that the player has never been registered at any level to play soccer in any other country. U.S. Soccer can immediately clear the player upon receipt of this document. Non-U.S. Citizens – A player born outside of the U.S., who is currently over the age of 18, may also complete and sign the First Registration form. U.S. Soccer will contact the foreign association for confirmation and will clear the player once that is received

Minors Process – Any player currently between the ages of 10 and 17 who is NOT eligible for one of the preceding methods must prove to U.S. Soccer that he/she meets one of the following exceptions:

  1. The player has moved with his/her parents to the U.S. for reasons other than playing soccer (e.g. parent's work).

  2. The player lives outside the U.S., but no further than 30 miles from the national border. In addition, the U.S. Soccer-affiliated club with which the player wishes to be registered is within 30 miles of that same border.

​​​ITC Request – Any player over the age of 18 who has been previously registered to a club in another country cannot be registered to a club in the United States until U.S. Soccer has received an International Transfer Certificate (ITC) from the player's former association. To initiate this process, the player must complete and submit an ITC Request form to U.S. Soccer, who will then request the ITC from the national association with which the player was most recently registered.

​​Once verified, U.S. Soccer will request either the player's First Registration clearance or International Transfer Certificate (ITC) from the foreign association, depending on which process is applicable.