Paradise Point Resort, 1404 Vacation Road, San Diego, CA 92109. In the Paradise Ballroom (turn left just before the stop sign at the gift shop and the ballroom is at the back of the parking lot).


May check in their team on Wednesday November 22nd, 2017 between 5-6pm


Thursday November 23rd, 2017 between 6pm and 10pm


Contact Mary Kaliff 858-692-8720 via text message, include your team name and age group, etc. and when your first game is and where.

Before Wednesday November 222nd, 2017 at 4pm enter your roster online as follows:

  • Find your team in the game schedules
  • Click on the team name in the schedule to go to your team page.
  • Log in to the team page using the same login you used for your team application.  If you don't know your login, you can request it at the forgot password link there.
  • Find the Roster link on the green navigation bar.
    • Enter only the player name, jersey # and date of birth.  If you want to add additional info you can elect to enter graduation year, GPA and email address for college bound age groups.
    • Don't upload individual pictures, they won't save.
    • Do upload a team photo if you wish and change the colors of the team page if you want to also.
    • GAME CARDS / MATCH REPORTS - Once you have completed your roster you may print your game cards from a link in the back end of the Team Page.  Note: If your games change for any reason you will need to re-print.  Note: If you do not print your game cards you will have to hand write them on a yellow game card we give you at team check-in.  If you do not have access to a computer during the weekend, take a couple extra yellow game cards from Team Check-in for the 2nd and 3rd rounds.  If you run in to difficulty, there should be a Field Marshall at your field.
    • Make sure you are aware of the maximum # of players to roster, cross off players from the match report for those that are not playing.
  • Please bring an official roster from your State Association / US Club Soccer to check-in - doesn't need to be notorized, this should include the ID #s of the players. Hand write in any guest players please.
  • Bring hotel information, i.e., confirmation #s and hotel name, number of rooms, when you checked in and out.  (You can also log in to your team application and enter this info ahead of time too).
  • Emergency contacts:  Make sure the phone #s and cell carrier info in your team application is updated to reflect your staff that will be in San Diego during the weekend, for field closures we need to be able to get a hold of a person with the team.
  • Moving to the next Round:  DO NOT CALL TOURNAMENT DIRECTORS TO SEE IF YOU ARE GOING THROUGH TO THE NEXT ROUND.  Please leave the phone lines open for score reporting and emergecies.  Do keep checking the web site. Also, if you are going through and have set up your contact info correctly in your team application, you will get a text message.

Few important things to communicate to your team:

  • Follow parking signs carefully to avoid getting tickets on campuses.
  • Take away to your hotel or home your trash - please make someone responsible to pick up the sideline before you leave.
  • Do grab your player cards from the Referee immediately following the game. We cannot do anything if the ref leaves with your cards.  You may want to print an extra set to have incase you do this.
  • Red cards is one game suspension, unless violent conduct the ref will take your card and not return it and will report you to CalSouth.
  • Please explain the tie breaker rules to your parents and staff.  Head to Head is not used in calculating Wild Cards.  Wild Cards are calculated from all brackets in the division.  If a Wildcard winner is scheduled to play a team that they have already played, the Scorekeeper will flip the games with another team. This does lead to some confusion but eliminates a team having to play the same team twice.
  • Yes the game time is reduced in the oldest age groups for Semi and Finals.
  • HEAD INJURIES - if a ref suspects a head injury he will not allow the player back on the field, no matter how much you protest.  This is the new concussion initiative from US Soccer.   This decision is taken out of the hands of the coach.
  • GOALIE WARS Friday night will be at UCSD Muir Field (Scholars Drive) on Friday November 24th, 2017 between 5-10pm.  

For emergenices: Mary Kaliff 858-692-8720  Derek Armstrong 858-349-0869

Note for FRIDAY MORNING NOV 24th:  The first morning is always hectic. Gates are scheduled to be opened at 7am.  Please do not arrive earlier than that if you have an 8am game.  Your referees should be there no later than 7:45am for an 8am game.  The Field Marshall should have goals and flags in place no later than 7:30am.