Once your rosters have been input you are able to print your Game Reports for the competition.  You do this by accessing the back end of your Team Page and you will see an link there that says Game Reports.  You should use the following settings for it to print properly (see screen shot image below). If you have a change to your roster, you can make it up to the Thursday, November 22nd at 5pm (exceptions can be made by contacting the Tournament Director) but not after your first game has been played. 

You will be given a yellow blank roster to use incase you forget to do this, you'll just have to hand write in your rosters if you didn't print it.

The deadline for all teams to enter their roster is November 17th at midnight.  This will allow for all participants to be able to print off their game reports before they travel.  

On the game report you will need to cross out an players that will not be playing.   Game rosters are limited to the number of players listed below.