General Information

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Your login information is sent to you after you apply via email. If you loose it you can request it at this link too.

Number of Teams:  A maximum of thirty two (32) teams in each division. Please note that we reserve the right to choose the teams who will give the best balance and highest level of play to the tournament.

Eligibility: All players have a current player pass or equivalent national association and medical release. Unlimited loan players will be permitted to a roster determined by the rules of your Association, i.e. CalSouth 22, US Club Soccer 26 - However, only eighteen (18) players can be named on the Game Card.  All teams from outside of USYSA Region 4 are required to provide travel papers or US Club Soccer cards (if from another Country team must produce international travel papers from their National Federation).

Format: Each team will play a minimum of three games and a maximum of six.  Friday first game will be between 8am and Noon.  Second first round game will be between Noon and 10pm.  Third first round game will be Saturday between 8am and Noon.  Quarterfinals will be Saturday between 2pm and 10pm.  Semi Finals are Sunday between 8am and 11am, finals are between 8am and 4pm.  Last game kicks off around 2pm. 

Hotels:  This is a stay to play tournament, which means if you are purchasing overnight accommodation we do require that you stay at a hotel on our partner list.  We have negotiated special low rates for your team.

If you are having difficulty locating hotel rooms, please email

Awards: Awards will be given to first and second place teams.

College Recruiting: We have hosted this tournament for over 30 years and we have a great reputation for getting kids recruited if they do the communication before hand. College coaches come to our tournament because they have made personal arrangements with a particular player to watch them play. We use over 65 fields across San Diego, but the college age kids are on fields centered around La Jolla/Clairemont and Del Mar neighborhoods of San Diego (U17-U18). Coaches don’t stand at one venue and wait for players to pass in front, the players write ahead of time to the coaches and communicate about GPA and courses, finances and if the player meets their school’s minimum requiremements and they have spots available on their roster, they will come out to our tournament. College Coaches usually are communicating with several players and so the more players that are interested in their school the more chance of them coming out to watch games, which then benefits all players in the age group. We have posted a list of coaches that are registered to access our player profiles database under the Player Resources area of our web site under Tournament home page.  All players entered in to the online roster will be searchable in the player profiles database, however, players can purchase a extended player profile which includes a more indepth questionnaire and a picture, this database is accessed online through a password protected area College Coaches register to access.  Profiles are also visible from links in the game schedules/team pages/rosters, etc.  See the Player Resources

Please note: Once your team has been accepted the Nomads reserve the right to not refund your entry fee if you should decide to withdraw your team from the competition.

If mailing a check it should be sent to:

Nomads Soccer Club

7660 Fay Avenue, Suite H113

La Jolla, CA 92037

For further information email

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