Frequently Asked Questions

I have sent a lot of emails to teams, needless to say no one seems to read them. My phone is blowing up and I need to keep the line open for the field set-up crew.  Here are some of the questions I'm getting:

  1. Are the Nomads providing canopies and benches.  ANSWER: NO.  Please note if you bring your own, you cannot use canopies or tents on turf fields.
  2. How do we know if our field is turf or grass.  ANSWER: The word TURF is after the field name in the schedule. All High School Stadium fields are turf too.
  3. I'm confused on which roster I need to bring? ANSWER: To team check-in is the official roster, which is proof of insurance from your State Association / US Club Soccer.
  4. Do I need a Coach ID card?  ANSWER: YES. All coaches and players need to have a laminated ID card issued by an affiliate of US Soccer (State Association/US Club Soccer, etc).
  5. How do I get a guest player on my "official" roster?  ANSWER: If they have the same cards as your team, hand write them in the bottom of the roster.
  6. Where do I go to enter my roster and print my game cards?  ANSWER: Log in to your Team Page through the game schedules. Link   If you don't know your login you can request it at the login page through forgot password link.
  7. What do I do if my opponent hasn't entered their roster? ANSWER: I am writing to teams and requesting they do their rosters so you can print them off.  If your roster is complete, go ahead and print them without the opponent and check it later in the day.
  8. Can I check my team in at the field I am playing on?  ANSWER: NO.  We have two special events for you to have  your credentials checked, this is where we will have the most volunteers to check in the 328 teams that are participating.  Exceptions can be made if you find me at UCSD but I cannot handle too many this way and would pefer that you make it to one of the events. Local teams is Wednesday 5-7pm and if you can't make it everyone can come Thursday 6-10pm.
  9. Do I need birth certificates?  ANSWER: NO
  10. Do I need waivers? ANSWER: The tournment doesn't have a specific medical waiver. YOU WILL NEED the normal medical waiver parents sign to register for your team. You cannot authorize medical treatment unless you have these so make sure you have them in your manager's book. Most teams usually do.
  11. Can players have duplicate shirt #s.  ANSWER: NO.  Referees get confused enough as it is.
  12. Can players wear casts.  ANSWER: NO.
  13. Who reports the score after the game.  ANSWER: Either team, but someone should do it no later than 15 minutes after the end of the game please. Info will be provided at Team Check-in.
  14. Where will the HQ Tournament Directors be:  ANSWER:  UCSD FIELD #1, Hopkins Drive, La Jolla.    Trainer will be there too.
  15. Where are field driving directions?  ANSWER: Click on the field name in the game schedule, it has the address and info as well as a link to Google Maps.