Before you Enter Your Roster


Before you begin entering your Online Team Rosters for the Nomads Thanksgiving Tournament, you may want to talk to your players and set a deadline for them to determine if they are going to purchase an Extended Profile in the Nomads Online Player Profiles Database, which links player’s profile information to their game schedules via your Team Page Roster.

If a player purchases a player profile and you have already entered your roster their name will appear twice, which then would mean that you would have to log in and delete the double listing of the player’s name on your roster.

We suggest that you set a deadline for your players to do this, leaving enough time for you to fill in the names of the players on to your roster of the players that did not purchase a profile.

Note: Even if they don’t purchase a profile player’s basic information will be included in the database and eRosters to the college coaches.

Nomads Online Player Profiles Database

The Nomads Online Player Profiles Database program that allows players to purchase an extended Player Profile for $25. All players that participate in our tournaments, are included in the database for free when the Team Manager enters the roster on to their Team Page; basic information such as name, date of birth, graduation date and GPA, the Extended Profile allows players to upload a photo and provide a lot more information about their academic achievements. Players profiles are linked from your team’s game schedules, via the team pages and rosters. Therefore, if a college coach knows you are in the tournament he can look up your three games and save your profile easily.

Extended profiles can be purchased at any time and will be held in our system for up to 12 months - profiles can be purchased for the Thanksgiving Tournament at the end of October. Profiles are linked to a particular tournament so if you attend both tournaments in November and March you will need to purchase a second profile as the databases are tied to a particular event. When entering your information in to the profile it is important that you do not use the back button on your browser as this can cause your credit card to get charged twice. If this happens please contact us.

Here is a link to an Example

To Purchase Profiles they must go to this link:

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