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It is the players that drive the college coaches to our event

It is important for players to communicate with colleges they are interested in prior to kick-off, to express their interest in playing for their school and to cover any and all obstacles that will stand in the way of you being selected, e.g., College coaches will show up to your game if you meet the requirements of their school off the field, i.e., what is your GPA, graduation date, what subjects do you wish to pursue, do you need a student visa, can you pay for tuition or do you need a scholarship; all of these factors are taken in to consideration before you even step on to a field.

Many years ago, before the internet, college coach would stand on a field hoping to see a player that meets their needs, going through printed paper rosters provided by the tournament directors. Today they do their homework ahead of time by accessing the Nomads online player profiles databases and by communicating with players by any means allowable by the rules.

All players that participate in our tournaments, are included in the database for free when the Team Manager enters the roster on to their Team Page; basic information such as name, date of birth, graduation date and GPA, the Extended Profile allows players to upload a photo and provide a lot more information about their academic achievements. For an extended Profile please see Player Profiles below.

 Once you have have chosen your schools take some time to consider the campus setting, the weather, housing options, etc. and then if everything looks good start communicating with your college coach

Becoming Eligible
NCAA member schools have adopted rules to create an equitable recruiting environment that promotes student-athlete well-being. The rules define who may be involved in the recruiting process, when recruiting may occur and the conditions under which recruiting may be conducted. Recruiting rules seek, as much as possible, to control intrusions into the lives of student-athletes.

Here’s a link to the NCAA web site on this subject

Check out the College Board web site at the link below (click on the bigfuture logo). You can search scholarship opportunities at this site too:

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Playing Sports in College: Your Options

Choosing a College

Although there’s no magic formula for choosing a college, you can start by asking yourself some questions that help most students find the right fit. Use this guide to: Learn about some key college search categories. Answer questions to discover what’s important to you. Get advice from college students and educators.

Students seek aid. Scammers seek targets.

Scholarships are an attractive way to help pay for college. Students and parents want to find them. Unfortunately, that leads some people to pay for services that are nothing more than scams. Be on the lookout for lines scammers use.

It’s your journey. College Board & Big Future are there to help you get started.