Goalie Wars Game Day Logistics

Here's some information you will need to know upon your arrival at the Goalie Wars Event.  

In the diagram below is how the fields will be set up.  Notice the field #s will be on the side of one of the goals. 

The scorekeeper is in the center of the two courts. Be in ear shot of the MC announcer at all times and listen for them calling your name after you have checked in and then come to the center of the field to the playing area.

Your family members and team mates must stay at the outside area of the Goalie Wars fields, please give them a heads up.  Only goalies are allowed in the center area by the scorekeepers, please no parents, no ball boys/girls just the goalies because there's not enough space for everyone.  Check in with the Scorekeeper and then wait for your games.  Do not bring bags in to the game area, leave those with your fans so that you can exit the game area quickly after you have completed your games.  You must not leave the game area until all the games in your division are finished.  The games are 3 minutes each with 5 minute time slots, so that means we have only 2 minutes to start the next game, so be ready, be a good listener and follow instructions given by the referee and announcers.  Come in to the game area with your gloves on ready to go. Have your helpers in the Ball Boy/Girl area waiting with your balls.

The games will happen very quickly and we will proceed with the games in scheduled order by field, however, keep in mind that if we can start early we will so it might be a good idea to be there in plenty of time to be flexible.  We will have a warm-up area for you to use.  Don't forget to bring your helpers and at least 3-4 balls of your own clearly marked with your name, we cannot be liable for loss of your balls so please have your helpers keep tabs on them.

You cannot play unless you have a signed WAIVER FORM. Please print it off before you get there and have all the signatures done. DOWNLOAD THE WAIVER FORM HERE.

GOALIE WARS is adjacent to the Main Gym at UCSD Muir Field on Scholars Drive

See map below.