Travel Papers

We are sanctioned by USYSA CalSouth.  If you are from Region IV then you do not need travel papers.  All other states do need to bring travel papers. International teams need to get travel papers from your National Federation.

I’ve had a few calls from new Managers not knowing how to go about getting travel papers, my suggestion is to talk to your Head Coach or a manager from an older age group that is experienced or you can call your State Association for instruction. 


California teams do not need travel papers, however, we would appreciate it if you could print your CalSouth or CalNorth roster from their software and bring that to us.


In order to apply for Travel Papers your state is going to want a SANCTION DOCUMENT. This can be downloaded from the tournament page.


If you have trouble opening the file from the email, save it to your desk top and open Acrobat Reader, then open the file from within the program.


Travel rosters are part of the travel paper package – usually there’s a letter or form and then a roster. The roster shows us the players that have been covered until the travel papers for insurance purposes – therefore, we verify this roster against your player cards at check-in.


Original travel papers and travel rosters are to be turned in at team check-in so please ensure you make a copy for your Mangers Book before you get here.


You do not have to send us the paperwork before Team check-in, too much to file!  Just bring them to team check-in.

Note: We allow unlimited guest players. Please make sure you have the appropriate Loan Paperwork.  

Loan players can be written in to your roster