If you are not commuting and require overnight accommodation, the Nomads REQUIRE teams to stay at a hotel that has agreed to work with our tournament teams.  Acceptance to our tournament is contingent upon out of town teams staying at our partner hotels. The reason for this is the hotels help underwrite the cost of putting on the tournament so you will be helping the Nomads raise money for its scholarship programs by staying at one of our hotels.


Group Sales

Most hotels won’t confirm your room block until you have been accepted to the tournament. We work very closely with our partner hotels and they do call us to check on a regular basis if a particular team has been accepted.


Field Locations

Nomads utilize fields all over San Diego County. We cannot be sure which fields specific age groups will be playing at until the schedule is finalized, usually two weeks before kick-off, and then it might change leading up to team check-in. All of the hotels on our list are within 2-15 minutes drive of the fields you will be playing on. 


Minimum Nights Stay

Some of the hotels are requiring a 2 or 3 minimum nights stay. Be sure that if you agree to a minimum, that you explain this to your parents. We happened to be in the lobby of the Embassy Suites during a recent tournament when teams were trying to check-out a night early because they didn’t get through to the final rounds and their managers had not told them that there was a 3 night minimum.   It was very painful to watch, the hotel made them pay for the 3rd night.



When you are comparing hotels be sure to ask what they charge for parking, rates differ from hotel to hotel, some are free, some charge anywhere from $8-$18 a day.