Frequenty Asked Questions

We have endeavored to cover all areas of commonly asked questions. Please see the subjects to the left of this page. If you do not find what you are looking for, please email us at

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Guest Players

If you get picked up by a team ( or you find a player you want to use) you will need to check on the following:

What player cards are they using, State or US Club Soccer?

If they are playing on State Cards then you will have to get your player card from your current team and follow any particular rule for loan players by your state and there’s.  We have so many states coming rules for each state will have to be checked by you and your team.

If you are playing as a US Club Soccer Member, you need to fill out the Player Loan Form and have all appropriate people sign it and send it to US Club Soccer. You will need your player card and a medical release - Original player card and a copy of a medical release.

If you are not registered with either State or US Club Soccer then you will need to get signed, you must have a player card to play in our tournament issued by one of these organizations.


Roster Size

The maximum number of players on your roster is determined by your governing body, i.e., If you are playing on State Cards then its the maximum # of players that the state association allows. For US Club Soccer members the max is 26, for CalSouth it is 22.

We allow up to 18 players on a game card (which will be provided to your representative at team check-in)

We allow unlimited number of guest players, as long as you can provide the appropriate paperwork and ID card. ALL CARDS MUST BE FROM THE SAME ASSOCIATION - i.e., all state cards or all US Clubs cards.  You cannot mix player cards from different associations.