MARCH 24-25 & MARCH 31-APRIL 1, 2018

Field Map for March 31-April 1, 2018 - WARREN FIELD

Team Manager / Coaches:

1.  Please make sure you find your team name in the game schedules, click on it, log in and find the roster link on the navigation bar, click on it and enter your roster.  Follow the instructions after you have completed your roster to print your Game Reports (sent via email).

2.  Report to the Nomads trailer/tent no later than 1 hour before your first game.  Bring three (3) copies of each game roster to be stamped by the Tournament Director.  You will give one approved roster to the referee before each game with the maximum number of players listed (18).  Cross out players who will not play in the game. Give the Game Report to the referee before you kick-off with your laminated player cards.

3.  After each game report your scores. Instructions will be provided when you check in your team.