Teams must report the scores using the PhoneItin app within 15 minutes of the end of the game.  Link to score reporting system here  The manager and coach was given a PIN # via email on Thursday night.  Also, you will need the game number from your schedule. Thank you.

Schedules & Results March 25-26, 2017

Preparations for the Tournament

Your players should be prepared to play on in the rain, unless the referee sees a threat of lightening or dense fog. Bring towels, plastic bags for backpacks, etc. Also, I ask that you respect the artificial turf fields and adhere to strict policies of only players and coaches on the field, please no warming up or cleats on the track. They allow only water, no sports drinks. Don't take tents as they don't allow them, they can rip the turf, you can take hand held umbrellas of course (usually the best are the golf type). Thank you for understanding. At Point Loma HS the residents in the neighborhood are picky about being woken up Sunday morning by cars parking so I'll have instructions for you on where to park in the next day or so, lets keep the neighbors happy please. 

I have had a few people write and ask about college coaches that have RSVP'd. We do not maintain a list, however, they do register on our web site to tell us what they are recruiting for right now, check out this list: It is the players that drive the college coaches to the event, so please be sure they write and call their schools to see if they can come out and visit.

Team Check-in Event

The teams participating in our March Coaches Showcase Event, March 25-26, 2017 must check their team in at:

MARRIOTT LA JOLLA, 4240 La Jolla Village Dr, La Jolla, CA 92037
Imperial Beach room -- 2nd floor by the pool.  

    Friday March 24th 7pm - 9pm  OR

    Saturday March 25th (2 hours before you first game)

Tournament directors will also be located at the Marriott La Jolla throughout the weekend.  Friday 7-9pm, Saturday 7am - 8pm, Sunday 7am - 5pm.

Things to bring: 

  • Laminated player cards, coach cards and manager cards
  • Medical waivers
  • Printed roster showing id card #s and date of birth of each player. Cross off any that are not playing.  Write in any guest players (they must have the same type of ID card as the team)
  • Hotel information
  • Emergency contact information for your team

PhoneItIn Score Reporting


PhoneItIn™ is Demosphere's revolutionary score reporting system. Instead of being in front of a computer, you can now report scores on the go from your mobile device.

For those more comfortable making a call, Demosphere provides an 800-number for use. From there, users can speak or use touch tone commands to report game scores.

For those with iPhone or Android devices, a free app allows easy score reporting with no phone call required!

Ready to start? Download PhoneItIn from Apple's iTunes Store or the Android Market!

Additionally, please review these screenshots for more information about PhoneItIn™ on your mobile device.


Nomads Coaches Showcase Tournament March 25 and 26th, 2017

Deadline to apply February 15th

Play Dates are March 25 and 26th, 2017

Team Check-in is Friday night March 24th.

Entry fees: 

2009 $300 (4v4)

2007/2008 $500 (7v7)

2006 $700 (9v9)

2005 $700 (11v11)

2004-1998 $975 (11v11)

This is a "Stay to Play" Tournament

Visit our Partner Hotel List 

Stay to play means that if you have to purchase overnight accommodation you agree to stay at a hotel on our list as a condition of being accepted to our Tournament. There is no minimum purchase.  All rooms must be purchased at one of our hotel partners if a room is being purchased.  We will add more hotels over the next few weeks.

Age Division 2009

Field Size Maximum: 30 x 20

Number of Players: 4 v4 No Goalkeeper

Playing Time: 4 x 8 minutes

Break Times: 5 minutes

Ball: Size 3 (Home team provides the ball)

Goals: Maximum 4 x 6

Offsides: No

Entry Fee: $300

Max Roster: 8


Age Divisions 2007 or 2008

Field Size Maximum: 47 x 30

Number of Players: 7 v 7 With Goalie

Playing Time: 2 x 25 minutes

Break Times: 5 minutes

Ball: Size 4  (Home team provides the ball)

Goals: Maximum 6.5 x 18.5

Offsides: Yes

Entry Fee: $500

Max Roster: 14


Age Divisions 2006

Field Size Maximum: 75 x 47

Number of Players: 9 v 9

Playing Time: 2 x 30 minutes

Break Times: 5 minutes

Ball: Size 4 (Home team provides the ball)

Goals: Maximum 6.5 x 18.5

Offsides: Yes

Entry Fee: $700

Max Roster: 18


Age Divisions 2005-1998

Field Size Maximum: 112 x 75

Number of Players: 11v11 with Goalie

Playing Time: 2 x 35 minutes

Break Times: 5 minutes

Ball: Size 5 (Home team provides the ball)

Goals: Maximum 8 x 24

Offsides: Yes

Entry Fee: $975

Max Roster: 18


Teams are guaranteed a minimum of three (3) games plus additional rounds where appropriate for the number of teams in the division.