Advertising on the Nomads Web Site - Sponsorship

Here’s an idea for you to raise funds for your team!


During the year over 1,000 youth soccer teams visit our tournaments and 350 families that are involved with the Club annually. During tournaments traffic to our web site is phenomenal - as you can image with between 18-26 players and their families of over 400 teams during the Thanksgiving weekend and almost 600 teams visiting our March tournament, our web site exposure for sponsors is huge.


If you would like to raise money for your team by soliciting advertising on our sponsor page of the Nomads web site complete this form. The cost is $200/per year per link. Send the completed form and your check to Nomads,

7660 Fay Ave #H113, La Jolla, CA 92037. Checks must not be deposited in to your team account.


Sponsors must provide an email address and / or a URL that they wish their company name to link to from the Nomads web site – logos can be emailed to


The Head Coach will review each sponsors request for a link prior to being posted to the web, so as not to infringe on any particular sponsorship agreement we already have in place.