Nomads SC Helps the Linda Vista Community

Linda Vista Cup hosted by Bayside Community Center October 3-4, 2009

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Event Details:

  • Recreational camp and competition focusing on introducing players to the game of Futsal/Soccer and the formation of local teams.
  • Sanctioned by US Futsal & Hosted by Bayside Community Center and Nomads Soccer Club
  • Held at the Linda Vista Recreation Center October 3rd and 4th, 2009. Players check-in at 7:30am - 8:00am, Free Clinic 8:00am - 9am, Supervisor Ron Roberts Opening Ceremony 9am-9:30am - Teams kick off at 9:30am sharp.
  • Volunteer San Diego will provide over 60 volunteers
  • Referees and Coaches wishing to volunteer for this event please meet at the Bayside Community Center on Wednesday September 30th 7-9pm.

Since last year the Linda Vista Collaborative has embarked on a project that will increase the opportunities for structured physical activity of children in our community. Building on the belief that sports have a powerful appeal both to attract and to involve children and their families, the Collaborative is in the process of forming a soccer club in Linda Vista.

One of the greatest advantages of participating in team sports, particularly in Linda Vista, is that it encourages children of diverse backgrounds and their families to interact and get along with others, and it teaches participants to cooperate with one another. The membership of the Collaborative firmly believes that making available structured team sports during the so called ‘critical hours’ (2:00-6:00 PM) will contribute significantly to steer children toward healthy choices and mitigate the onset and intensity of adolescent violence, use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Children living in poverty in Linda Vista have considerably fewer opportunities for healthy and fun extra-curricular activities than their peers in more affluent communities. Thanks to a generous grant from County Supervisor Ron Roberts and hosted by the Nomads Soccer Club & US Futsal, the Collaborative will organize a soccer clinic and competition on October 3-4, 2009.

In terms of recruitment of participants we are focusing on players, not teams. Although we are in the middle of club soccer season, we are not competing for the same children. We are targeting children who are currently outside of the club soccer mainstream. Our goal is not to have kids play soccer out of Linda Vista (although we do not oppose this option), but to bring soccer into Linda Vista. Club soccer is not accessible to vast numbers of children in San Diego. My hope is to see in Linda Vista something similar to what is going on in City Heights (please see attached newspaper article). In Linda Vista we are trying to build grassroots support for this soccer initiative so that hopefully some day soon we will not only have a Linda Vista soccer club for children but a league as well. Our proposition is inclusive and it targets children and families who do not have the means to join club soccer. Hopefully some day soon we can work with club soccer organizations like Nomads to develop soccer in the neighborhoods, particularly in low-income communities.


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