Roman Martin led the Nomadic life of a South American footballer this Summer

Roman's trip record of 31:3:2

It has always been said that “Once a Nomad, always a Nomad” and one of our players, Roman Martin, is proving that in more ways than one.  Roman recently returned to the Nomads last spring as a starting midfielder for the Nomads U.S. Soccer Development Academy Under 16 team.  

This summer, Roman led the Nomadic life of a South American footballer playing for a Brazilian semi-professional soccer club in tournaments across Europe. In true “Nomads” style, Roman met the challenge head on, learning to speak Portuguese to ensure he could communicate with his teammates and coach.  The normal teenage enthusiasm was there as he departed for his adventure, excited at the opportunity to be in Europe without parents and with a group of players who were as passionate about the game as he was.  What he learned from the experience will most likely change him forever on and off the field.  

The universal language of “football” brings together people from all walks of life and connects cultures like nothing else. When asked to share what he experienced, Roman is quick to admit that he initially felt “clueless” on his first European tour with a Brazilian club in back in 2012. That was because of the initial communications barrier, but once on the field and the ball started rolling instincts kicked in and memories were made.  Roman scored the game-winning goal in the semifinals of the 2012 Barcelona Cup and received an invitation to return to Europe this summer with a new Brazilian club.   In preparation for this summer, he took classes to become fluent in Portuguese and this helped him more quickly integrate into his new Brazilian team, Clube Pequeninos do Jockey, who played 36 games in Europe this summer.  Roman and his teammates posted a magical record of 31:3:2 playing in 4 out of 5 of Europe's largest tournaments.

As the USSDA season quickly approaches, Roman will be looking for a college and aiming high as he does with everything.  Roman is a consummate professional on the field, his polite demeanor and hardworking attitude will take him far.  We are all excited to watch him play this fall and build his dream of one day becoming a professional soccer player.  By any measure, Roman is well on his way.


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