Brickman Landscaping Company Begin Major Renovation of Nomads Kinsell Field

September 2012

Spearheaded by Doug Spunaugle Brickman Landscaping Company began major renovations for the Nomads Soccer Club this September. Work included a complete overhaul of the entire irrigation system, weed control, fertilization and re sodding over 7,000 Sq Ft of Turf.
Brickman Landscaping developed a Program called Founder’s Day it is a long-standing Brickman tradition, established to honor the memory of the company’s founder, Theodore Brickman Sr. He dedicated his life to serving his fellow man. He instilled that value throughout the company. “We are proud of Brickman’s tradition of giving back to the communities in which we live and serve. The Nomads Soccer Club plays a valuable role in our community and is a most worthy recipient of our support”, Doug Spunaugle, Branch Manager, the Brickman Group. Nomads Soccer Club would like to thank Doug and the Brickman Company for choosing Nomads to be the recipient of such a great Program this year.


Sports Turf

When the performance, and sometimes the career, of your athletes depends on the condition of your playing field, you want the best facilities available. A safe, well-designed field, with proper drainage, meticulous maintenance and thoughtful event scheduling will give your athletes the proper footing they need to develop their personal best.
Brickman’s Sports Turf Services division is among the best in the industry. Our team is headed by Murray Cook, an internationally known, 27-year veteran of the sports turf industry, with expertise in design, construction, maintenance and operations of diverse types of sports fields, at all levels of play.
World champion athletes count on Murray’s expertise. In addition to consulting on sports facilities for universities, municipalities, little leagues to major leagues at home, Murray is an international consultant for the Olympic Games. He and his team provide all baseball and softball design, construction management and maintenance operations for the Olympic games, including Sydney in 2000, Athens in 2004, and Beijing, China in 2008.
Whether you are building a new stadium, renovating an existing site, or just need expert facilities maintenance, you can count on Brickman’s award winning in-house expertise.
Some of their world class sports turf services include:
Sports field design, and consulting on layout, location, drainage, irrigation
Owner’s Representative on site for construction
Complete field maintenance, including monitoring turf health, aeration, irrigation, mowing, graphics, striping, protecting the field for weather events, and all services essential to maintaining a safe, consistent playing surface
Consulting on event scheduling to preserve the integrity of the field and conserve your maintenance budget
About Brickman
In 1939, life was simple: a couple of guys, a truck, some lawn equipment, time to chat with the customer over a glass of lemonade. Business has gotten a lot more complicated since, but one thing remains the same: service excellence starts with understanding what the customer wants, providing resources to meet those needs, and using a reliable method to deliver consistent quality results.
Strong relationships are the foundation of Brickman’s quality landscape and turf care service. For more than 60 years, the Brickman family has partnered with the customer, to meet and exceed expectations. That tradition of listening and responding to the customer has enabled Brickman to become one of the largest providers of quality landscape services in the nation. But we never lose sight of the most important thing: our relationship with each customer - every day. As Brickman continues our steady growth, our solid branch structure ensures that, while the resources for any job will always be available, we will forever remain your local landscaper.
Brickman attracts and retains team members who are passionate about quality. This is reflected in our proactive approach to client satisfaction. On site, we become the eyes and ears of our property managers, identifying potential site issues and presenting solutions that meet their needs and budgets. We care for your site not just for today, but with an eye for future needs as the property matures. In this way, our local teams ensure that your assets are more than simply maintained; they are enhanced. Brickman customers have rewarded our commitment to quality and service with their loyalty and many referrals.
Brickman Culture
Brickman believes in The Golden Rule: treat others the way you would want to be treated yourself. This is the compass that guides our relationships with our customers, employees, vendors and the communities in which we serve. From this simple motto spring the Brickman principles of Trust, Honesty, and Respect. We attract team members whose values match our own; team members who have a passion to serve customers with excellence, honesty and integrity.
In every relationship, when the inevitable moment of truth presents itself, Brickman team members are empowered by this philosophy and can be relied upon to honor our commitments, and be open and honest in our communication. Although we may not get it 100% right, you can be sure we will do whatever it takes to make it right.