Boys U14 White Win NHB Championship Title

September 2011

Four (4) NHB Championship Titles for Nomads BU9, 11, 13 and 14s For more information contact David Armstrong at



It was Saturday morning of the 33rd annual NHB cup. David Armstrong’s BU14 team (Nomads White) had just suffered a disappointing loss to Santa Barbara White (0:1), and lost their goalie for the next two games due to a questionable Red Card. After a “Come to Jesus” talk with the boys from coach Armstrong, the team managed to piece together two wins, the 2nd of which was won in the last 5 seconds of the game to advance Nomads into the Qtr Finals. Remarkably they rallied to shut out the South Bay Gunners (National Cup Champs) (1:0). They continued to rally as they beat Nomads Academy (Dallas Cup Champs) in the Semis (2:0). The game to win the finals turned out to be a sobering experience for the Fullerton Rangers who had only given up one point in the entire tournament prior to that point. They beat Rangers 4:3 to take the Championship trophy.  Goal scorers were: Branden Benitez, David Cruz, Joe Gallardo, Jacob Lindberg, and Amandla Watson.
Armstrong’s team has only been together in significant numbers for a few months prior to this tourney. They had good showings at Pegasus cup, Pats cup and West Coast, making it thru to the finals twice and the semis in all three.